Een fietsvakantie in Azië, Zuid-Afrika of dichterbij huis in België? Het kan allemaal! Het aanbod aan fietsreizen dat wij u bieden is groot en divers. Een schitterende fietsvakantie door het mooie en vriendelijke Costa-Rica, een expeditie door Lapland of Patagonië, eeuwenoude cultuur in China of een safari onder de mooie Afrikaanse luchten.

Colombia | Fietsreis Cycling Colombia | 13 dagen

With Colombia's road cyclists gaining worldwide recognition, and the country revelling as an up and coming active tourism destination, there really is no better time for a cycling trip to one of South America's most scenic regions. The coffee zone of Colombia lies at the heart of the country on the Western slopes of the Central Andes and our route takes us along paved winding roads that traverse a lush environment populated by coffee plantations and picturesque towns. Your effort on two wheels will be duly rewarded by stunning views and a taste of the famously warm Latin American hospitality.

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Zuid Amerika | Colombia | * | Hotel | 13 Dagen | Internationale Groepsfietsreizen | Sportief | Sawadee |

Chili | Argentinie | Fietsvakantie Cycling the Lake District of Chile Argentina | 13 dagen

Internationale fietsreis. Discover a beautiful and fertile land at the northern gateway to Patagonia - a magical landscape filled with active volcanoes, turquoise rivers, gigantic lakes and ancient native forests. See Andean condors swooping down from the foothills of the cordillera as we cycle on some of the most scenic paved routes that South America has to offer. We'll gain a cultural insight into both Chile and Argentina, including the European influences and indigenous customs that have shaped the region. Cross the Andes twice in spectacular fashion on two wheels as part of an incredible 'once in a lifetime' journey!

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Zuid Amerika | Chili | * | Hotel | 13 Dagen | Internationale Groepsfietsreizen | Sportief | Sawadee |